Di Giannantonio Not Fazed by Marquez Move, Eyes Personal Goals with VR46

Fabio Di Giannantonio VR46 (motorsport.com)

Fabio Di Giannantonio joins VR46 for the 2024 MotoGP season, unfazed by Marquez move and motivated by personal achievements

Italian rider Fabio Di Giannantonio, now part of the VR46 team for the 2024 MotoGP season, is unfazed by Marc Marquez’s move to Gresini Ducati and remains focused on his personal goals. Despite losing his Gresini ride to Marquez, Di Giannantonio sees his motivation as achieving personal success and aims to earn a star (championship) beside his name. Joining VR46, he views the experience as a “huge opportunity to improve,” benefiting from the team’s success and having Valentino Rossi as a mentor.

Motivated by Personal Goals: Di Giannantonio downplays the impact of Marquez’s move to Gresini Ducati on his motivation, emphasizing that his primary goal is achieving personal success. He sees the absence of a championship star beside his name as his biggest motivation.

Focused on Personal Achievements: With an eye on his own career achievements, Di Giannantonio aims to be the best ever in the sport. He maintains that the motivation for success comes from within, and external factors like Marquez’s move do not affect his determination.

No Added Pressure from Marquez: Despite Marquez’s high-profile move and attention on his debut with Gresini Ducati, Di Giannantonio remains calm and focused on his own journey. He asserts that his motivation comes from personal goals rather than external competition.

Joining VR46: Di Giannantonio acknowledges the strength of the VR46 team and sees his move as a “huge opportunity to improve.” He notes that having Valentino Rossi as his boss will provide valuable advice and support throughout the season.

Normal Winter Transition: Di Giannantonio describes his winter transition to VR46 as “quite normal.” While he anticipates some differences during the season, he highlights the positive start with the team and looks forward to training opportunities at the Ranch with the VR46 team.

Valentino Rossi as Mentor: Having Valentino Rossi as his boss is viewed as a significant advantage, with Di Giannantonio noting that having the “GOAT (Greatest of All Time)” over his shoulder will provide valuable guidance and support.

As Di Giannantonio begins the 2024 MotoGP season with VR46, his focus on personal achievements and motivation for success positions him as a determined competitor. Joining a team with a strong track record and having Rossi as a mentor adds an extra layer of support for the Italian rider.