Losail International Circuit: A Motorsports Oasis in Qatar’s Desert

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Amro Al-Hamad, CEO of LIC, Discusses the Circuit’s Journey and Future Aspirations

Celebrating its 20th year, Losail International Circuit (LIC) in Qatar has become a global motorsports hub, hosting prestigious events like MotoGP and Formula 1. The CEO of LIC, Amro Al-Hamad, shares insights into the circuit’s evolution and future plans.

Since opening in 2004, LIC has earned a reputation as one of the Middle East’s premier sporting venues, known for its high-speed track and world-class facilities. In 2008, LIC made history by hosting the first-ever night-time MotoGP race, setting the stage for unique racing experiences.

In 2021, LIC welcomed Formula 1 for the first time, marking the beginning of a 10-year agreement. The circuit underwent a major revamp, modernizing facilities while retaining its iconic track layout. Amro Al-Hamad discusses the strategic decision not to build a new track but to enhance existing facilities, emphasizing LIC’s commitment to providing the best for fans and drivers.

One of LIC’s notable features is its ability to host night races, creating a distinctive atmosphere. Al-Hamad clarifies that this choice was about creating memorable experiences rather than solely accommodating hot temperatures. LIC continues to collaborate with regulatory bodies to ensure optimal race timings.

The recent renovation project focused on improving fan experiences, with expanded seating, enhanced team garages, VIP areas, and a dedicated elevated viewing area called Losail Hill at Turn 1. Al-Hamad expresses pride in LIC’s pit stops and maintenance areas, featuring 50 pit boxes and holding the Guinness World Record for the longest pitlane building.

Hosting the Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix in 2021 received widespread acclaim, with LIC meeting FIA standards. The circuit’s transformation and the grand prix spectacle garnered positive responses from fans, teams, and the motorsports community.

Addressing concerns about MotoGP attendance, Al-Hamad notes the sold-out tickets for the event, emphasizing LIC’s goal of inspiring the next generation of motorsports fans.

Looking ahead, LIC aspires to be a global benchmark for motorsports events. By continuing to host prestigious races and providing top-notch facilities and experiences, LIC aims to solidify its position as a leading venue worldwide.

As the focus shifts to the future, LIC aims to raise its global sporting venue profile further. Hosting Formula 1, MotoGP, WEC, and other renowned events, LIC seeks to inspire youth in Qatar and the Middle East while promoting a better understanding of motorsports among future leaders.

In partnership with the Qatar Motorsports Academy and the Qatar Motor & Motorcycles Federation, LIC remains committed to fostering talent and creating opportunities for the motorsports community in the region.