Marc Marquez Leaves Door Open for Honda Return Despite Ducati Move

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The Eight-Time World Champion Expresses Continued Affection for Honda

Marquez Reflects on Honda Relationship

Marc Marquez, the eight-time world champion, recently made a significant career move by joining Gresini Ducati after a challenging 2023 season with Honda. Despite parting ways with the Japanese manufacturer, Marquez remains open to the possibility of returning to Honda in the future, emphasizing the special place the team holds in his heart.

A Lasting Relationship: Honda as the Team of a Lifetime

Having spent his entire MotoGP career with Honda since his debut in 2013, Marquez and Honda achieved remarkable success together, securing six premier class titles and numerous victories. Marquez describes the relationship with Honda as “amazing” and underlines the respect both parties had when deciding to conclude their journey together. He acknowledges Honda as the team of his life and career, expressing gratitude for the six world titles and numerous victories achieved with the Japanese manufacturer.

Leaving the Door Open: Marquez’s Perspective on a Possible Return

While Marquez embarks on a new chapter with Ducati, he remains adamant about not closing the doors with Honda. Despite the challenges faced in the 2023 season and the decision to part ways, Marquez values the open and respectful communication between him and Honda. He leaves the possibility of a return to Honda in the future, emphasizing that it will not be solely his decision but a mutual consideration.

Honda’s Special Place: Affection and Appreciation

In his statement, Marquez conveys that Honda will always hold a special place in his heart. He acknowledges the unique bond created with the team, expressing sentiments of affection and appreciation. While the move to Ducati marks a new chapter, Marquez’s words underscore the deep respect and fondness he harbors for Honda and the significant milestones achieved together.

Marquez and Honda – A Bond Beyond 2023

As Marc Marquez begins a fresh journey with Ducati, the possibility of a return to Honda remains an intriguing prospect. The mutual respect and shared success between Marquez and Honda have left an indelible mark on the rider, making it clear that, regardless of the future, Honda will always be more than a team—it will be a defining part of his illustrious career. The motorsport community will watch with anticipation to see how Marquez’s path unfolds and whether it intersects with Honda once again.