Apple Electric Car Faces Setback: Launch Delayed to 2028, Autonomous Driving Scaled Back

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Project Titan Hits a ‘Make-or-Break’ Point as Apple Adjusts Plans for Electric Vehicle

Apple’s long-anticipated electric car, codenamed Project Titan, is facing a significant setback as sources within the company reveal a delay in the launch timeline. According to Bloomberg, the Apple electric vehicle (EV) is now expected to debut in 2028, pushing back from the previously targeted date of 2026. The sources emphasized that the car might arrive “at the earliest” four years from now, characterizing the project as being at a critical juncture.

While the exact cause of the delay remains undisclosed, the report reiterates that the Apple EV is undergoing a strategic shift in its autonomous driving capabilities. Instead of the initially ambitious goal of achieving SAE Level 4 autonomy, the vehicle is now expected to feature Level 2+ autonomous driving capabilities. This decision positions the car within the framework of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) at Level 2, which includes features like adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and autonomous braking. Notably, drivers are required to keep their hands on the steering wheel under Level 2 autonomy.

The initial vision for the Apple car had included the ambitious target of Level 5 autonomy, enabling fully self-driving capabilities without the need for a steering wheel or pedals. However, achieving Level 4 or Level 5 autonomy has proven challenging for many automakers, with Level 2 systems being more commonly implemented in current production vehicles.

The report emphasizes that the Apple EV is at a “make-or-break point,” signaling a pivotal phase for the project. The decision to scale back on autonomous driving capabilities aligns with a broader industry trend where achieving higher levels of autonomy has proven to be more complex than initially anticipated.

Despite the setback, the report reinforces earlier speculation about the Apple EV’s pricing, indicating it will be positioned above $100,000. This places the vehicle in direct competition with luxury electric sedans like the Tesla Model S Plaid and the Mercedes-Benz EQS in the premium segment.

As Apple navigates these challenges, the success of the Project Titan remains uncertain, with the company facing heightened expectations to deliver a compelling and technologically advanced electric vehicle in the competitive automotive market.