Lewis Hamilton’s Potential “Plan B” as Eighth F1 Title Appears Challenging, Martin Brundle Suggests

Vegas GP Hamilton (motorsposrtweek.com)

Mercedes Star May Seek Alternatives if Championship Victory Proves Elusive

Martin Brundle, a former Formula 1 driver, has predicted that Lewis Hamilton may devise a “Plan B” if securing an eighth F1 title with Mercedes becomes increasingly difficult in the coming years. Despite surpassing milestones for pole positions and race victories, Hamilton is tied with Michael Schumacher at seven F1 Drivers’ Championships. The 2021 season saw him narrowly miss an eighth title due to late Safety Car controversies.

Mercedes has faced challenges since the regulatory changes last year, with Hamilton ending the past two seasons without adding to his 103 race wins. Hamilton, now 39, extended his tenure with Mercedes for two more years, aiming to complete the current rules cycle. However, Brundle suggests that if an eighth title becomes elusive within a reasonable timeframe, Hamilton may consider alternative plans.

Brundle, in an end-of-year column for Sky Sports F1, speculates that Hamilton will explore alternatives unless Mercedes can make significant progress in the 2024 season. The emergence of internal competition, particularly from George Russell, adds complexity. Russell outscored Hamilton in their debut season together, matching him in qualifying despite facing challenges during 2023.

Mercedes, along with Ferrari, plans to adopt a new car concept with the W15 challenger to contend for championships. If successful, Hamilton could face stiff competition from Russell. Brundle acknowledges their closeness in performance but raises questions about the outcome, considering factors like Hamilton’s motivation and Russell’s youth. Until Russell contends for a championship, it remains uncertain if he possesses the mindset to handle such a challenge.