Pierre Gasly Reflects on Alpine’s 2023 F1 Season, Eyes McLaren’s Turnaround for Inspiration

Japanese Gp Gasly Norris (motorposrtweek.com)

Gasly Analyzes Alpine’s Challenges and Draws Motivation from McLaren’s Remarkable Progress

Alpine’s Pierre Gasly has described McLaren’s unexpected progress during the 2023 Formula 1 season as a “mystery” while expressing confidence that his team can replicate such a turnaround in the coming years. Gasly acknowledges that Alpine faced difficulties in the last campaign, falling to sixth in the Constructors’ standings behind McLaren and Aston Martin. Despite securing a podium at Zandvoort, Gasly believes the team had higher aspirations for the season.

Gasly identifies the lack of power, particularly in electrical energy deployment from the Renault power unit, and challenges in aerodynamic development as key factors limiting Alpine’s competitiveness. He mentions that the team’s upgrades were insufficient compared to McLaren, hindering their ability to regularly fight for top positions.

Reflecting on McLaren’s resurgence from struggling to escape Q1 in the early season to becoming a consistent challenger, Gasly sees it as a source of motivation for Alpine. He describes McLaren’s transformation within six months as a stimulus for his team, emphasizing that it is achievable even under a budget cap. Gasly believes Alpine, with its resources and personnel, can pursue a similar trajectory.

Looking ahead to 2024, Gasly outlines Alpine’s goal to reclaim fourth place in the Constructors’ standings. While acknowledging the challenge, he emphasizes the intention to close the gap to the teams ahead and compete for top-five positions and podiums more frequently.

Gasly also reflects on his personal performance, expressing satisfaction with his adaptation to a new team after a decade in the Red Bull family. Despite the team’s overall struggles, he highlights his quick integration into Alpine and efficient performances in the second half of the season.

In conclusion, Gasly remains optimistic about Alpine’s potential to bounce back in 2024, drawing inspiration from McLaren’s unexpected success and aiming for a more competitive position in the upcoming season.