Haas F1 Team Principal Guenther Steiner’s Departure Elicits Reactions from Drivers

Haas F1 Team (motorsportweek.com)

Team Members Express Gratitude and Best Wishes Following Unexpected Exit

The surprising departure of Haas F1 Team Principal Guenther Steiner has prompted reactions from current and former drivers associated with the team. Steiner, who played a pivotal role in Haas’ journey since its inception in 2014, left the team as a result of owner Gene Haas’ dissatisfaction with the team’s current performance. The unexpected exit led to comments from drivers Kevin Magnussen, Nico Hulkenberg, Pietro Fittipaldi, and Romain Grosjean, expressing gratitude and best wishes.

Magnussen, who joined Haas in 2017 and returned to the team in 2022 after a one-year hiatus, thanked Steiner for the journey, acknowledging both the fun and challenges during his time with the team. Hulkenberg expressed gratitude for Steiner’s trust, friendship, and the opportunity to return to full-time F1 racing. He described Steiner as a distinctive character and wished him the best in his future endeavors.

Pietro Fittipaldi, a long-serving Haas reserve driver, conveyed his appreciation to Steiner for personal and professional growth, describing him as a great boss, friend, and mentor. Romain Grosjean, who drove for Haas from its debut in 2016 until the end of the 2020 season, praised Ayao Komatsu, Steiner’s replacement, expressing happiness for his friend’s new role. Grosjean, unaware of the details surrounding Steiner’s departure, wished Steiner the best in his next chapter.

The unexpected shakeup in Haas’ leadership has triggered reflections and well-wishes from those associated with the team, highlighting the impact of Steiner’s tenure on both personal and professional levels.