THK unveils LSR-5 electric vehicle concept at 2023 Japan Mobility Show

Nissan GT-R R35 (

Nissan GT-R R35 (

Japanese firm THK enters the EV arena with innovative luxury crossover concept

Japanese company THK has made its entry into the electric vehicle world with the unveiling of the LSR-5 concept car at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Known primarily for producing mechanical components for automobiles, THK’s new concept demonstrates its cutting-edge innovations in the EV space.

Developed entirely in-house, the LSR-5 name reflects its core principles: “luxury, sport, and revolution,” and commemorates the brand’s 50th anniversary. This four-seater crossover coupe was designed by SN Design Platform, led by former Nissan chief designer Shiro Nakamura, renowned for his work on the R35 generation GT-R sports coupe.

In line with Nakamura-san’s views on modern EV design, the LSR-5 concept boasts a sleek, modern exterior with a sloping roofline and sculpted fenders, steering away from overly aggressive designs. The front end, reminiscent of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, features a full-width LED strip and an airflow-diverting bumper. At the back, a Kamm-tail design incorporates full-width LED elements that cascade toward the rear quarter panels, culminating near an angular rear bumper.

The LSR-5 appears to draw inspiration from Nakamura-san’s recent creation, the AIM EV Sport 01, presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. However, it doesn’t fully embrace Nissan’s current radical design language for concept cars.

Measuring 196.7 inches in length, 77.4 inches in width, and 60.2 inches in height, the LSR-5’s dimensions align closely with those of a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, albeit about 4.7 inches taller.

Inside, the LSR-5 boasts a four-seater cabin featuring a “stealth seat slide system” for a flat floor configuration. The cabin is adorned with wood trim on the dashboard and door cards, and a full-width digital display serves as the infotainment system and digital instrument cluster.

Under the hood, the LSR-5 houses an 800V electric powertrain, with two variable magnetic flux-in-wheel motors generating 125 horsepower each at the rear. The front end is powered by a single electric motor producing 295 hp. The total combined power output remains undisclosed. The concept incorporates four-wheel steering, electric brakes, and an active suspension system using THK’s MR fluid active damper tube technology.

While the THK LSR-5 may not make it to full-scale production, it serves as a striking showcase of the company’s technological capabilities and its promising foray into the electric vehicle sector.