Ford unveils Gamer Van: The ultimate mobile gaming studio on wheels

Ford Transit (

Ford Transit (

A collaborative creation with Full Squad Gaming to drive excitement among gamers

This fall, Ford is set to ignite the passions of gamers and tech enthusiasts with the introduction of the Gamer Van, a bespoke vehicle inspired by the capable Transit Trail. In partnership with Full Squad Gaming (FSG), a notable name in the casual gaming community, Ford aims to capture a new audience’s attention.

The Gamer Van, based on the Trail trim, boasts a potent 310-horsepower V6 engine, but it’s the interior that truly defines this rolling gaming station. Drawing inspiration from the ambiance of gamers’ rooms, designers have fashioned the perfect mobile gaming studio within the Transit’s rear.

Equipped with external gaming stations, a custom couch, a gaming desk, and a reactive cloud ceiling, the Gamer Van leaves no stone unturned in providing every accessory a gamer could desire. West Coast Customs, known for transforming a Mercedes Sprinter into a mobile gaming lounge for PlayStation, had a hand in creating this unique gaming oasis.

One of the standout features of the Gamer Van is its ability to stream games from virtually anywhere, making it an ideal choice for the upcoming road trip down the West Coast. The FSG team, along with influencers like Musty, Chelle, and Sapnap, will document their journey, creating content for avid followers of the Gamer Van’s adventures.

The road trip’s first stop is Mount Kare, where the team will set up camp and demonstrate the capabilities of Ford’s all-electric truck, the F-150 Lightning, ensuring the Gamer Van remains powered up for continuous gaming.

Following that, the FSG crew will get the chance to experience the Bronco Raptor at the Off-Roadeo event in Mount Potosi, Nevada, adding an adventurous twist to their journey.

The grand finale of this gaming-inspired road trip will take place at TwitchCon, scheduled for October 20 – 23, a gaming convention hosted by Twitch, a renowned live-streaming platform. Attendees at TwitchCon can get up close and personal with the Ford Gamer Van, even if gaming isn’t their primary interest.

For those gamers who love racing games, the connection to Ford products is strong. Games like Forza Horizon 5 feature an impressive lineup of 77 Ford vehicles, encompassing models from tuners like RTR, unique one-offs from Hoonigan, and a majority of original Blue Oval creations. Ford’s presence in the gaming world continues to grow, with the Bronco Raptor joining the virtual garage this month.