Felipe Massa pursues justice in 2008 Singapore GP scandal amidst FIA and Ferrari silence

Felipe Massa (motorsport.com)

Felipe Massa (motorsport.com)

Former Ferrari Driver seeks resolution in controversial ‘Crashgate’ incident

Felipe Massa is steadfast in his belief that he was a victim of a conspiracy to conceal the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix ‘Crashgate’ scandal, where Renault’s Nelson Piquet Jr. intentionally crashed to aid teammate Fernando Alonso’s victory. The consequences were significant, as had the race result been invalidated, Massa would have secured the drivers’ championship instead of losing it to Lewis Hamilton by a single point. Massa has taken legal action, asserting that he suffered “tens of millions of euros” in lost income and reputational damage due to the incident. He imposed a 12 October deadline for responses from the FIA and FOM but has now granted them an extension until 15 November to conclude their investigations.

Massa’s lawyer, Bernardo Viana, confirmed that both the FIA and FOM have requested this extension for their internal investigation. Viana believes that a genuine examination of the matter would yield results similar to those Massa and many worldwide supporters have arrived at. They are eager to understand the stance of Formula 1’s new leadership on the recent revelation of the scandal and the injustice faced by Felipe Massa.

In a recent conversation at the Stock Car Series round in Buenos Aires, Massa expressed his hope that his former team, Ferrari, would support him in this endeavor. He underlined the significance of the 2008 championship to Ferrari, emphasizing the need for the team to fight against the manipulation that impacted him. Massa believes that Ferrari has yet to make a clear commitment to his cause and may be waiting to see the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff, speaking about the matter during the Singapore Grand Prix, acknowledged his interest but expressed doubt about the viability of Massa’s challenge. He emphasized the importance of adhering to the sport’s clear sporting regulations and the potential chaos that could ensue if exceptions were made. Nonetheless, Felipe Massa remains determined to seek justice and clarity regarding the controversial events of the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix and their impact on his career and the sport’s history.