Xpeng Unveils eVTOL Flying Car at CES 2024 – A Glimpse into the Future of Electric Mobility

Flying supercar (carbuzz.com)

Chinese Electric Car Maker Showcases Innovative Supercar-Helicopter Hybrid

Xpeng, the Chinese electric car manufacturer renowned for its luxury G9 SUV, has unveiled an impressive flying car, the eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. This groundbreaking vehicle, showcased for the first time outside of China, demonstrates a seamless transition between land and flight modes, captivating eventgoers.

Developed by Xpeng’s Aeroht subsidiary, the eVTOL supercar features a sporty electric concept in road mode. With the push of a button, the roof elevates to reveal eight carbon fiber blades that unfold, enabling the vehicle to take flight. Unlike many flying cars that compromise exterior styling, the Xpeng eVTOL maintains the appearance of a conventional car while offering the potential for aerial mobility.

Despite its generous dimensions, the eVTOL accommodates only two occupants. The interior boasts a modern design with a yoke-style steering wheel, blue/white accents, and a wide transparent infotainment screen. Xpeng’s Land Aircraft Carrier, a modular flying car set for delivery in 2025, reflects the company’s commitment to innovative mobility solutions. While not a traditional flying car, the Land Aircraft Carrier’s two-part design allows users to switch between road and aerial modes, offering versatility for both recreational activities and emergency operations.

Xpeng Aeroht has completed all research and development testing for the Land Aircraft Carrier and is preparing for mass production, with pre-orders expected to open in 2024. As the concept of flying cars gains momentum, Xpeng’s foray into eVTOL technology adds an exciting dimension to the future of electric mobility, challenging traditional boundaries and opening new possibilities. Could flying Teslas be the next frontier? Only time will tell.