BMW’s Historic Munich Plant Transitions to Electric-Only Production, Starting with Neue Klasse Sedan in 2026


Iconic Factory Ends 70-Year Legacy of Combustion-Powered Cars, Embraces EV Future

BMW’s Group Plant Munich is undergoing a transformative shift, marking the end of an era as it prepares to cease the production of combustion-powered cars after more than 70 years. Starting in 2026, the facility will roll out the Neue Klasse sedan, ushering in a new era of electric-only vehicle manufacturing. This move aligns with BMW’s commitment to electric mobility and sustainable practices.

The Munich plant, historically known for producing iconic combustion-engine models, currently assembles around 1,000 vehicles per day, including the 3 Series Sedan and the electric i4 Gran Coupe. As electric vehicle demand rises, the factory has evolved, with every second vehicle now being electric. The upcoming transformation involves a €650 million investment to create four new buildings, accommodating a modern assembly line, body shop, and other necessary facilities.

BMW is strategically preparing the Munich plant for the Neue Klasse sedan’s production, set to commence in 2026, followed by additional electric models in 2027, potentially including the iX3 electric SUV. The shift is part of BMW’s broader commitment to electric mobility, with the Neue Klasse vehicles planned for production in various locations, including China, Hungary, and Mexico.

This significant transition echoes the plant’s history of adaptability, having previously manufactured aircraft engines before venturing into automotive production. The investment and shift toward electric-only manufacturing ensure the long-term sustainability of BMW’s iconic Munich factory.

Peter Weber, the director of the facility, emphasized the seamless coexistence of the ongoing combustion vehicle production and the transformative changes. He expressed delight in guiding the Munich plant toward a fully electric future, starting with the Neue Klasse sedan. The Vision Neue Klasse concept, unveiled in the preceding year, provides a glimpse into BMW’s future design and technological directions, making it a pivotal model for the brand’s electric evolution.