Alonso’s Focus for 2024: Boosting Straight-Line Speed and Expanding Operational Range at Aston Martin

Hungarian GP Alonso (

Fernando Alonso outlines key areas for improvement as Aston Martin aims to enhance its Formula 1 performance in the upcoming 2024 season.

As the 2023 Formula 1 season concludes, Fernando Alonso is candid about the necessary upgrades for Aston Martin’s 2024 campaign. Despite securing six podiums in the first eight races, the team faced challenges that dropped them to fifth in the Constructors’ standings.

One of the identified weak points is the narrow operational window of the AMR23. Alonso acknowledges that operating within a limited range is a shared challenge under the current regulations but emphasizes the need for enhanced consistency. The goal is to ensure the car performs at a stable level consistently throughout the season.

Alonso pinpoints straight-line speed as a critical performance aspect that requires attention. The Spaniard highlights that, in terms of performance metrics, Aston Martin tends to lag behind competitors on straightaways. Achieving competitive straight-line speed becomes crucial for the team’s overall competitiveness.

The struggle with top-end speed is intertwined with the aerodynamic balance, forcing compromises that impact performance both on straights and in corners. Finding the right balance remains a priority for the team as they plan adjustments to the rear wing setup.

In an effort to overcome mid-season setbacks, Aston Martin introduced various updates during the United States Grand Prix weekend. Despite initial challenges, Alonso sees this as a valuable process in defining the development direction for the 2024 car. The experiments conducted provided insights that will contribute to a more refined and competitive Aston Martin challenger for the upcoming season.

Addressing concerns about the narrow operating range, Alonso attributes it to the consequence of pushing the development boundaries. Acknowledging that this challenge is common in F1, he expresses optimism about implementing ideas for the 2024 car that will lead to improvements in this aspect.

While addressing performance challenges, Alonso underlines the positives from the AMR23, citing strengths in tire management, strategic execution on Sundays, and the overall team spirit. The team’s ability to manage tire degradation and execute strategies on race days serves as a foundation to build upon for a stronger performance in the upcoming season.

As the off-season unfolds, the focus at Aston Martin is clear – refine the operational characteristics of the car, boost straight-line speed, and carry forward the positive elements that make the team a cohesive and motivated force on the Formula 1 grid.