Liberty Walk Unveils Controversial Widebody Kit for Abarth 695

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Japanese Tuner Continues Bold Transformations, Faces Criticism Similar to Previous Ferrari F40 Project

Japanese tuner Liberty Walk, known for its daring and controversial automotive transformations, has once again stirred the pot by unveiling a widebody kit for the compact Abarth 695. Scheduled for a full reveal at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January, the kit has already been previewed and is available for purchase through the Liberty Walk website, with prices ranging from $15,070 to $17,050, depending on the material chosen.

Front-End Transformation
The widebody kit for the Abarth 695 includes a comprehensive overhaul of the front fascia. Liberty Walk introduces a new bumper featuring a large splitter and aerodynamic canards, aiming to give the hot hatch a more aggressive and visually striking appearance. The flared front wheel arches contribute to a broader and more assertive road presence.

Side Skirts and Flared Rear Arches
Extended side skirts, along with flared rear wheel arches, continue the widebody transformation. Liberty Walk’s preview images showcase the car fitted with black wheels wrapped in Toyo Tires with distinctive white lettering, adding to the overall bold aesthetic.

Over-The-Top Rear Design
The rear of the Abarth 695 receives a considerable redesign, with a WRC-inspired roof wing stealing the spotlight. Liberty Walk introduces a new bumper and diffuser, creating a distinctive and eye-catching rear profile. The addition of centrally-exiting tailpipes further contributes to the overall aggressive stance.

Controversial Legacy
Liberty Walk’s previous widebody project, involving a Ferrari F40, sparked controversy and disapproval from Ferrari, leading to the removal of the modified F40 from the official registry. The tuner is once again pushing boundaries with the Abarth 695 widebody kit, inviting criticism and admiration alike.

Pricing and Options
The entire Liberty Walk widebody kit for the Abarth 695 is priced between $15,070 and $17,050, depending on whether the customer opts for fiber-reinforced plastic or carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. Liberty Walk also offers the option to purchase individual components, including the rear diffuser, rear wing, and hood separately.

As Liberty Walk continues its tradition of bold automotive transformations, the Abarth 695 widebody kit is poised to be a focal point at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon, further fueling discussions about the tuner’s approach to automotive design.