Fisker Rolls Out Final OTA Software Update for 2023, Unveils Exciting Features for Fisker Ocean EV

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Fisker Utilizes Over-the-Air Updates to Enhance User Experience and Address Customer Feedback

Fisker, the innovative electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has initiated its last over-the-air (OTA) software update for 2023 for the Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV. Named Version 1.11, this update, rolled out on December 14, marks the culmination of Fisker’s commitment to regularly enhance and refine the Fisker Ocean’s capabilities.

CEO Henrik Fisker underscored the significance of leveraging OTA updates to swiftly introduce new features, address customer feedback, and rectify bugs. He emphasized the advantage of technology that allows Fisker to provide these updates seamlessly, directly to customers’ vehicles without requiring them to leave their homes.

Building on the major OTA update (Version 1.10) introduced in November, Version 1.11 brings a host of improvements and new features. Fisker aims to complete the update for all customer cars by the end of January 2024, ensuring a consistent and updated experience for Fisker Ocean owners.

Key features of the Version 1.11 update include:

Trips Tab: A new addition allowing users to view details about their drives, including distance, duration, miles/kilometers since the last charge, and energy consumption metrics. This feature enhances the overall user experience and keeps drivers informed about their journeys.

Screen Cleaning Mode: A practical feature enabling users to easily and safely clean fingerprints, smudges, and dust from the Central Touchscreen. This can be accessed through the Display section of Vehicle Settings.

Enhancements to Vehicle Navigation: Improvements to navigation functionality to provide a smoother and more intuitive driving experience.

Bluetooth Functionality and Consistency Improvements: Upgrades to audio and hands-free calling features to enhance Bluetooth connectivity.

California Mode Functionality and Consistency Improvements: Refinements to the California Mode feature for a more reliable and consistent performance.

OTA Update Enhancements: Including correct OS version numbering in the Central Touchscreen, ensuring a streamlined update process.

ADAS Settings Improvements: Advancements in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems settings for improved safety and driving assistance.

Access to Expanded Language Library: Fisker Ocean owners in EU locales now have access to an expanded library of new languages, catering to a diverse user base.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements: Addressing various bugs and enhancing overall system performance for a smoother user experience.

Fisker has also outlined plans for Q1 2024, with upcoming updates focused on further improving SolarSky roof capabilities, enhancing torque split between front and rear wheels, introducing a hill-holding function, and more. The company remains dedicated to continuous improvement, incorporating customer feedback and ensuring the Fisker Ocean stays at the forefront of electric vehicle technology.