Mazda to resume EV sales in the US by 2025

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Mazda will be returning to the electric vehicle (EV) market in the United States as early as 2025, after discontinuing its MX-30 electric crossover due to disappointing sales.

The new EVs will be based on existing gasoline-powered platforms, but Mazda has not revealed which specific model will be sold in America. The new EVs will be built at Mazda’s Hofu plant in Japan, which is equipped to produce various vehicle types, including gasoline, electric, and hybrid.

Mazda’s decision to re-enter the American EV market comes as automakers globally are shifting their focus towards electric vehicles. The company’s CEO, Masahiro Moro, noted the challenges of making small EVs profitably, and as a result, they are looking to offer a model that appeals to potential EV buyers. The Japan Mobility Show, which is just around the corner, could provide a platform for Mazda to reveal its new EV model.

Mazda had previously announced that it would not produce EVs in the US until 2028, missing out on federal tax credits. However, this new move to start selling EVs in the US by 2025 shows the company’s commitment to re-entering the American EV market, with details such as the range and specifications yet to be confirmed.