Toyota unveils the Kayoibako, a highly versatile compact van concept

Toyota Kayoibako (

Toyota Kayoibako (

Toyota has showcased a new electric concept at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, named the Kayoibako, which represents a compact van with a highly modular interior.

The vehicle is capable of transporting wheelchair users, converting into a camper van, and serveing the needs of small businesses, switching between a delivery van, mobile shop, and shuttle bus.

The name Kayoibako is inspired by configurable shipping containers, reflecting the concept’s versatile nature. It has a simple exterior design with sliding doors, a tall stance, single-box proportions, a split front windshield, futuristic LED lights, and narrow windows. Toyota has showcased several different versions of the Kayoibako to highlight its adaptability, including a sporty-looking van for wheelchair accessibility and an adventurous camper van.

The concept features an “ultra-expandable” interior design that can be tailored for both business and personal use, with various shelving and seating configurations. It also has the capability to be integrated into “smart grids and other intelligent social systems.” The interior has a length of 3,127 mm, a width of 1,485 mm, and a height of 1,437 mm. However, Toyota hasn’t provided detailed information about the platform or the powertrain, except that it is a battery electric, zero-emission vehicle.

The Kayoibako concept is not yet confirmed for production, but the research and design elements could potentially be used for future Toyota LCVs.