Exclusive first ride: 2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X

Triumph’s Scrambler 400 X (cycleworld.com)

Triumph’s Scrambler 400 X (cycleworld.com)

Cycle World took an exclusive first ride on the 2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X, exploring its features, differences from the Speed 400, and overall performance.

In a follow-up to its earlier test of the Triumph Speed 400, Cycle World brings an exclusive first ride experience of the 2024 Triumph Scrambler 400 X for the US market. While both models share the same single-cylinder platform, the Scrambler 400 X offers distinct features, a unique design, and an off-road focus.

The Scrambler 400 X features a modified frame, chassis geometry, and a larger 19-inch off-road-oriented front wheel with Metzeler Karoo rubber. It boasts a 39.5 hp TR Series 398cc single-cylinder engine and shares components like clocks, switchgear, and the gas tank with the Speed 400. However, it stands out with its distinct styling, including twin exhausts, ribbed bench seat, handguards, taller handlebars, and a commanding 19-inch front wheel.

The riding experience on the Scrambler 400 X is marked by a taller seat height and wide, high-set handlebars, giving it the sensation of a larger bike. The softly damped suspension and longer wheelbase offer a comfortable and forgiving ride. The bike handles well in various conditions, with excellent grip levels provided by the quality Metzeler Karoo tires. The bike’s braking performance, thanks to a ByBre front brake caliper and larger discs, is adequate for everyday use.

Despite the entry-level positioning, the Scrambler 400 X’s TR Series engine proves to be spirited, delivering power smartly through the midrange. It’s a fun ride with good acceleration, making it suitable for urban commuting and enjoyable on twisty roads. Triumph offers the option to deactivate ABS and traction control for riders seeking off-road adventures.

While the test ride was limited, the Scrambler 400 X showed promise, offering versatile and engaging riding experiences both on and off-road. With a competitive price of $5,595, Triumph’s Scrambler 400 X is poised to be a success among riders who appreciate its retro styling and versatility.