Stellantis withdraws from CES 2024 amid ongoing UAW strike

Peugeot Inception (

Peugeot Inception (

Stellantis, the multinational automotive manufacturer, has decided to withdraw from CES 2024, citing it as a part of their contingency plan established in response to the ongoing UAW (United Auto Workers) strike. As a result of this decision, Stellantis is canceling its display and presentations at the tech-focused event scheduled to take place in Las Vegas.

While Stellantis did not provide extensive details regarding the decision, the company mentioned that they are focusing on “business fundamentals” due to the ongoing UAW negotiations. They further explained that they are executing comprehensive countermeasures to reduce the financial impacts resulting from the strike in an effort to preserve capital.

Even though Stellantis will not be participating in CES next year, they have indicated that they will demonstrate their transformation into a “mobility tech company” through alternative means. This implies that they may opt for a more affordable and understated approach for future debuts.

It is not immediately clear what Stellantis had intended to showcase at CES, but the company was originally slated to have a display alongside other automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Honda, Hyundai, and Mercedes. Historically, Stellantis has used the event to make technology and electric vehicle-related announcements. In the past, they have unveiled concepts like the Peugeot Inception and Ram 1500 Revolution at CES. They have also used the platform to announce the expansion of their Free2move service, which provides car-sharing, rental, and subscription services through dealerships.

Stellantis’ decision to withdraw from CES is notable, as the UAW strike has not affected them as severely as it has impacted Ford or General Motors. Nevertheless, the UAW strike has affected parts distribution facilities as well as the Toledo Assembly Complex, where the Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler are produced.