Li Auto reveals bullet train-inspired mega electric minivan

LI Auto Mega (

LI Auto Mega (

China’s minivan market is experiencing increased competition, and Li Auto has entered this growing segment with its debut production electric vehicle, the Li Auto Mega.

The CEO of the company, Li Xiang, unveiled the exterior design of the electric minivan on his official social media account. The Li Auto Mega stands out with its unconventional and aerodynamic design, resembling a bullet train.

The electric minivan features a streamlined design with a continuous and swooping line from the front bumper to the rear glass. It sports a thin LED bar under the front windshield and bumper-mounted headlights, which are reminiscent of the Hyundai Staria. Li Xiang even asked his followers to guess the drag coefficient of the vehicle in his post, suggesting it might be around an impressive 0.21 cd, based on some comments.

The Li Auto Mega is built on the Whale architecture and is equipped with a CATL Qilin ternary battery pack that supports ultra-fast charging of up to 500 kW. With this fast charging capability, the vehicle can add up to 600 km (373 miles) of driving range in just 22 minutes of charging (with a compatible fast charger). The minivan will also feature advanced autonomous driving capabilities, as indicated by the roof-mounted lidar.

The Li Auto Mega is set to make its full debut in December 2023, with sales beginning in January 2024 and initial deliveries expected in February. The starting price is anticipated to be around ¥500,000, equivalent to approximately $68,363 based on current exchange rates.