SHANE: The two-wheeled electric concept with room for five

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Innovative design promises efficiency, safety, and surprising space.

As the electric vehicle era gains momentum, automakers are exploring innovative mobility solutions, and the latest addition to the lineup is SHANE. This two-wheeled electric concept challenges the norm by offering exceptional efficiency, safety, and, most surprisingly, room for five occupants.

At first glance, SHANE may appear compact, akin to a Fiat 500e, but it boasts the capability to comfortably accommodate five adults. Let’s delve into the concept’s unique features.

SHANE maintains its stability and balance through a dynamic shifting center of gravity, which adapts to the wheel’s motion. This counterbalances acceleration and braking forces, ensuring that the vehicle remains level even at highway speeds. According to the inventor, this design provides SHANE with the stability and safety of a traditional four-wheeled car.

Shane Chen, the mastermind behind this unconventional concept, expressed his excitement, stating, “Two-wheeled cars have simply not been practical or stable enough for everyday driving until now. I was excited to create a car concept with two wheels that can go at high speeds and be energy efficient.”

But how does SHANE navigate obstacles or park? Instead of conventional front-wheel steering, SHANE features a two-wheel differential speed control system. As showcased in the video, the entire vehicle pivots to slide into tight parallel parking spaces, and the body extends to maintain perfect balance.

Although specifics about battery size and energy consumption remain undisclosed, SHANE is equipped with sizable wheels that reduce rolling resistance. Additionally, it features regenerative shocks, which can convert damping movements into energy for the battery, a technology previously patented by BMW. Solar panels on the roof hint at the potential to harness renewable electricity.

Shane Chen added, “I truly believe SHANE will make a difference in how we approach mobility, and I look forward to collaborating with partners to bring this concept to life.”

While SHANE’s design doesn’t resemble traditional cars, it showcases the capacity to comfortably seat five passengers. The absence of a conventional steering wheel suggests the concept may incorporate autonomous capabilities. If SHANE ever progresses to production, the final design may adopt a more conventional appearance.

While three-wheeled vehicles have gained a cult following in the automotive world, two-wheeled alternatives have struggled due to their impracticality and lack of stability. However, as urban congestion and population growth increase, innovative designers are exploring new ways to address mass mobility.

Shane Chen, the mind behind SHANE, is known for inventing various groundbreaking products, including the Hoverboard, Solowheel, and the AquaSkipper. It remains to be seen whether this concept gains traction, but it undeniably adds a fascinating dimension to our roadways.