Leaked production body reveals gas-powered Dodge Charger SRT Daytona Coupe

New Dodge Charger Coupe Body Leaks (carbuzz.com)

New Dodge Charger Coupe Body Leaks (carbuzz.com)

Confirmation of combustion-powered sibling to Charger Daytona SRT EV.

Recently, rumors regarding the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV’s combustion-powered counterpart have been substantiated, thanks to leaked images from a Stellantis factory. These images, obtained from the Challenger Talk forum, lack accompanying information but provide valuable insights.

The production body clearly represents a two-door coupe, suggesting that this variant will include a hatchback, akin to the electric concept unveiled a year ago. The design aligns with the concept’s body lines, reinforcing its status as a forthcoming reality.

Upon closer examination, it’s evident that the body accommodates a transmission tunnel and driveline. The front end indicates space for an engine (or an electric vehicle’s frunk). A recess for a gas cap further supports these observations. However, intriguingly, the floor doesn’t seem to have room for a traditional battery pack.

This raises two possibilities: the Charger coupe will only be available as a combustion-powered vehicle, or the electric components will be situated above each axle.

Furthermore, it appears that rumors regarding a full panoramic glass panel on the roof are accurate, likely offered as an optional feature.

These leaked body shells indicate that pre-production prototypes will soon grace the streets, in line with insider reports suggesting the next Charger’s arrival in the third quarter of the following year. Dodge is expected to gradually release more information in the lead-up.

The Charger’s combustion variant is anticipated to feature the Hurricane range of inline-six engines, marking the end of V8 engines in this model. Dodge will likely seek to ensure the engine produces an appealing sound, as Challengers with straight-six engines have received criticism for their lackluster auditory experience.

In essence, the revelation of a contemporary Charger coupe with gas power signifies a significant development. Whether it suffices to retain the loyalty of Hellcat enthusiasts remains to be seen.