Toyota teases upcoming battery-electric concepts FT-Se sports car and FT-3e crossover

Toyota FT Se (

Toyota FT Se (

Toyota has offered a sneak peek of two intriguing battery-electric concept cars set to make their debut at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 on October 26. These concepts are known as the FT-Se and FT-3e, and both embrace the electric future.

The Toyota FT-Se is particularly intriguing, as it presents a high-performance sports car under the GR (Gazoo Racing) branding. This sports car embodies one of the options for sports cars in the carbon-neutral era, combining Toyota’s expertise with Gazoo Racing’s motorsport knowledge. The FT-Se boasts a wide and low profile, distinct from the GR 86 and Supra models. It features unique thin LED taillights, a pronounced GR badge on the rear lip spoiler, and a striking black diffuser. The interior includes a digital instrument cluster, a yoke-style steering wheel, and a focus on handling stability and aerodynamic performance. Software updates will also be supported.

On the other hand, the Toyota FT-3e is a battery-electric crossover concept. Its design is sleek and features an LED light bar at the rear. It showcases vertical LEDs along the base of the doors, capable of displaying battery charge, interior temperature, and cabin air quality. The FT-3e has a more angular exterior design with clean lines and surfaces.

Toyota intends for these concepts to be more than mere transportation tools, aiming to provide personal ride customization options and convenient functions for local area information.

The official reveal of these electric concepts at the Japan Mobility Show promises to be an exciting event, and more details will likely emerge during the show.