German hotel offers unique car-enthusiast rooms with private parking

German Hotel Lets You Park Your Car Next To Your Bed (

German Hotel Lets You Park Your Car Next To Your Bed (

The b’Mine Hotel at Frankfurt Airport in Germany has introduced a unique twist to some of its rooms, specifically designed for car enthusiasts. These special rooms allow guests to park their cars on a private balcony outside their hotel room, effectively turning it into their personal garage.

The hotel provides guests with a dedicated parking space, allowing them to conveniently drive their vehicles up to their CarLoft hotel room. Not only does this offer practical parking right outside your room, but it also provides a unique experience with a view of your car alongside the city skyline through the room’s window.

This concept serves the dual purpose of convenience and security, as parking near hotels can sometimes be challenging due to crowding, high costs, or safety concerns.

Upon check-in at the hotel’s front desk, the process is relatively standard. However, when guests receive the keycard for their room, things take a different turn. Instead of heading to traditional accommodations, guests are directed back to their cars and instructed to drive to the rear of the hotel. The keycard provides access to one of the two available car elevators.

Guests can then drive onto the elevator, which transports them directly to their room. From there, it’s a matter of driving the car off the elevator and onto their private balcony, offering a taste of luxury car condo living.

The parking space is spacious enough to accommodate a variety of European cars, from the Volkswagen ID. 3 to the Audi RS Q8. Additionally, the hotel’s website states that an E-charging station is available for electric vehicle owners.

Despite the exclusive parking arrangement, staying in a CarLoft room is relatively affordable, with rates starting at $262 per night. While it’s not the cheapest option, for those who appreciate the convenience and experience of having their car right outside their room, it’s a worthwhile choice. This concept showcases the thriving car culture in Germany, making it an attractive destination for car enthusiasts, especially considering its proximity to the Nurburgring, which is just two hours away, and Frankfurt Airport’s status as a major European hub.

This unique hotel experience is ideal for travelers with a passion for automobiles, offering both convenience and a special connection between their cars and accommodations.