Suzuki unveils a range of concepts at the Tokyo Mobility Show

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Suzuki EvX (

Suzuki showcases several concepts, including an electric hatchback and unique mobility devices.

In the world of small car manufacturers in Japan, Suzuki holds a prime position alongside Daihatsu. At the Tokyo Mobility Show, Suzuki has unveiled an array of concept vehicles based on their current and upcoming models. While these concepts may not be as radical as some of their competitors’, one of them appears remarkably close to being production-ready. However, Suzuki has provided limited information about these show vehicles, so we’ll take a quick tour through them.

Suzuki’s eWX: A remarkably boxy electric hatchback:
The eWX is perhaps the most captivating among the unveiled concepts. This small electric hatchback boasts a boxy and distinctive design. It’s reminiscent of Suzuki’s current Lapin kei-class hatchback. With a bit of tweaking, such as more conventional lights and possibly fewer lime green accents, this concept could likely transition into a production model. Although, the accents, even in their eccentricity, have their unique charm.

The Suzuki Swift concept: A preview of the next-generation subcompact:
The Suzuki Swift concept provides a glimpse into the next-generation subcompact car from Suzuki. The Swift is similar to vehicles like the Toyota Yaris and Mazda2. This iteration appears to be an evolutionary design and seems less sporty and aggressive than its predecessor. As the Swift is also available in Europe, its developments are of broader interest.

Suzuki’s Spacia and eVX Concepts:
The show also features the Spacia concepts, which are slightly modified versions of some of Suzuki’s kei vans. Additionally, there’s the eVX, an electric SUV concept with a distinct chiseled appearance, although it had been previously revealed in India in January.

Exploring Suzuki’s Two-Wheeled Concepts and Mobility Devices:
Apart from its cars, Suzuki also excels in motorcycles and scooters. The company has unveiled a range of two-wheeled concepts and unique mobility devices at the Tokyo Mobility Show. These include:

MOQBA: A versatile mobility device that appears to combine a tiny ATV with a four-legged walker, reminiscent of a Star Wars creation. The MOQBA can traverse a variety of terrains and obstacles, providing a multipurpose mobility solution.
Suzuki Go!: A distinctive wheelchair concept.
Suzu-Ride and Suzu-Cargo: Four-wheeled electric scooters designed for unique mobility needs.
L-MA: A food delivery robot.
e-PO and e-Choinori: Described as 50-cc class electric bikes.
Hydrogen-powered Suzuki Burgman 400: Notable for its use of hydrogen instead of gasoline.

Suzuki’s diverse range of concepts at the Tokyo Mobility Show, from the eye-catching eWX electric hatchback to the intriguing MOQBA mobility device, demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation in both the automotive and mobility sectors. While limited information is available for these concepts, their unique designs and applications show Suzuki’s dedication to addressing the evolving needs of consumers in the small car and mobility markets.