Rare barn find: DeLorean midwest discovers low-mileage, original DeLorean hidden in Wisconsin

image from autoblog.com

image from autoblog.com

Michael McElhattan of DeLorean midwest strikes gold with a remarkable barn find.

The dream of finding a perfectly preserved classic car tucked away in a barn is a cherished fantasy among car enthusiasts. While such discoveries are exceptionally rare, they continue to captivate the automotive world. Recently, a DeLorean restorer from Crystal Lake, Illinois, had the extraordinary opportunity to unearth a low-mileage, all-original DeLorean that had been hidden in a shed in Wisconsin, making it a truly exceptional find in the world of car restoration.

A Fast and Fortunate Discovery:
Michael McElhattan of DeLorean Midwest received a call from a DeLorean owner who had learned about a low-mileage gem stashed away in a Wisconsin shed. Recognizing the significance of the find, McElhattan acted swiftly, eager not to miss out on this unique opportunity. He shared his experience, saying, “It happened pretty quick because once I found out the car was close and it was a low-mileage car, I was excited to go take a look.”

McElhattan, along with his social media coordinator, embarked on the journey to Wisconsin, not entirely sure what to expect. Upon opening the barn doors, they were greeted by a sight that was both exciting and heart-wrenching. The DeLorean had been sitting undisturbed for two decades, and the marks of time were evident. McElhattan shared his initial impressions, recalling, “We open it up, and the first thing I saw was a mouse running across the center console.” However, despite its long slumber, the DeLorean displayed a mere 977 miles on the odometer, making it an extraordinary candidate for restoration.

A Remarkable State of Preservation:
While time had not been entirely kind to the DeLorean, it had not endured the sun damage commonly seen in other neglected vehicles. McElhattan pointed out the remarkable preservation of the car, stating, “The condition of the leather, the condition of the instruments in the dash, and a lot of places where you see sun damage – this car virtually has no sun damage.” This preservation adds to the car’s exceptional value and makes it an ideal candidate for restoration.

A Glimpse into the Past:
The question naturally arises: why was this DeLorean left to sit undriven for so many years? McElhattan provided insight into the previous owner’s sentiments, revealing that “he would just go out in the barn and just look at it because he thought it was a really cool car.” This anecdote underscores the deep emotional connection people have with their cars and the nostalgic appeal that classic vehicles hold.

The DeLorean’s Unique Story:
The DeLorean is a car that, despite its iconic appearance, has a unique story. It experienced a brief production run of just over a year before the company faced financial turmoil. In its time, it was not as popular as it is today, but it has achieved legendary status, partly due to its role in the “Back to the Future” film franchise. Nostalgia is a powerful force, especially for those who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s when the DeLorean was a symbol of futuristic style. According to Hagerty, a DeLorean in Concours condition is estimated to be worth $102,000, with values on the rise.

The discovery of this low-mileage, all-original DeLorean hidden in a Wisconsin barn is a testament to the allure of classic cars and the dream of uncovering hidden treasures. The DeLorean’s unique story, combined with its remarkable state of preservation, makes it a compelling find for automotive enthusiasts and collectors. It exemplifies the emotional connection people have with their cars and the enduring appeal of nostalgia in the world of classic car appreciation. This barn find is a reminder that automotive treasures may still be out there, waiting to be uncovered and cherished once more.