Nissan’s hyper adventure concept: An electric vehicle built for outdoor exploration

NIssan Hyper Adventure EV (

NIssan Hyper Adventure EV (

Nissan is preparing to showcase its commitment to electric mobility at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show with a range of intriguing electric vehicle concepts. Following the unveiling of the Hyper Urban concept, the company is introducing the Hyper Adventure, designed for outdoor enthusiasts and off-grid capabilities.

The Hyper Adventure concept embodies Nissan’s vision for a versatile and comfortable base camp for various outdoor adventures, whether it’s a camping trip in the forest or a snowy ski expedition. While detailed specifications remain undisclosed, Nissan has stated that the concept boasts all-wheel drive for off-road capability, wheel crampons for enhanced traction, a high-capacity battery for vehicle propulsion, and a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) charging system that can power other equipment or feed energy back to the grid.

The vehicle’s exterior design showcases a futuristic, aerodynamic approach, emphasizing efficiency and capability. The absence of a B-pillar allows for dramatic and spacious entry into the cabin. The front doors open forward, while the rear doors swing upward, creating an exciting and functional entryway.

Inside the Hyper Adventure concept, innovation continues to take center stage. The cabin features a panoramic, wrap-around digital screen that can function as an extension of the windshield, enhancing visibility of the path ahead. The front seats are deep bucket-style, and behind them, a bench with 180-degree swiveling capability faces the open liftgate. Steps extending from the rear bumper offer a convenient and comfortable space for seating, allowing users to prepare for outdoor activities or simply relish the surrounding views.

While Nissan has not provided details regarding the production prospects of the Hyper Adventure concept or the previously unveiled Hyper Urban, these concepts symbolize Nissan’s progressive approach to electric mobility, with a focus on versatile, eco-conscious vehicles built for adventure. Further insights into the concepts’ implications for Nissan’s production vehicles are anticipated at the Japan Mobility Show, commencing on October 25.