Mercedes takes on Tesla Semi with eActros 600 EV: 311-mile range

Mercedes Benz eActros 600

Mercedes Benz eActros 600

Mercedes-Benz unveils eActros 600, an electric long-haul semi aiming to redefine road freight transport standards, offering a 311-mile range with a sleek, aerodynamic design.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has revealed the eActros 600, an all-electric long-haul semi-truck set to revolutionize road freight transport. Anticipated for production in late 2023, the eActros 600 boasts a puristic design characterized by soft curves and aerodynamic enhancements, including underbody paneling, air deflectors on the A-pillars, and matrix LED headlamps. The extended cab, enhanced by 3.1 inches (80 mm) for superior aerodynamics, offers a payload capacity of around 22 tons.

Powered by three lithium iron phosphate batteries with a combined capacity of 621 kWh, the eActros 600 achieves a substantial range of 311 miles (500 km). Mercedes emphasizes that approximately 60 percent of their long-distance customers’ trips fall short of this range, alleviating range anxiety when adequate charging infrastructure is available at loading and unloading points.

The eActros 600 incorporates an 800-volt electric axle with two electric motors, delivering a continuous output of 536 hp (400 kW / 544 PS) and a peak output of 805 hp (600 kW / 816 PS). Mercedes aims to ensure the model’s durability on par with conventional heavy-duty long-haul trucks, capable of covering up to 1.2 million km (745,645 miles) over a decade, with the battery’s state of health expected to exceed 80 percent even after this period. The eActros 600 can achieve a 20-80% charge in approximately 30 minutes with a 400 kW charging capacity. While the purchase price of the eActros 600 is initially higher than its diesel counterpart, Mercedes suggests that in certain markets, its long-term profitability may surpass that of traditional trucks within five years or around 600,000 km (372,823 miles) thanks to various incentives and energy prices.