Bridgestone eyes Formula 1 return, cites advanced technologies and sustainability

Bridgestone tyre (

Bridgestone tyre (

In response to Pirelli’s extension as F1’s tire supplier, Bridgestone expresses its interest in returning to Formula 1, emphasizing advanced technologies and sustainability.

After Pirelli secured the F1 tire contract for 2025 to 2027, Bridgestone has revealed its ambition to make a comeback in the world of Formula 1. Bridgestone, which had its most recent stint in F1 from 1997 to 2010, issued a statement highlighting its plans to reinforce its motorsport endeavors, with F1 as a prime target.

The Japanese tire manufacturer believes that some advanced technologies developed for its road car products are well-suited for the demands of grand prix racing. Bridgestone’s focus would likely be on integrating its innovative Enliten road tire technology into Formula 1. This technology employs extensive recycled materials, leading to road tires that are approximately 20% lighter than their predecessors. The benefits include reduced rolling resistance, improved fuel mileage, enhanced car handling, and greater sustainability, with 63% of components being recycled.

Shuichi Ishibashi, Member of the Board, Global CEO, and Representative Executive Officer of Bridgestone Corporation, acknowledged that their current bid wasn’t successful, but he praised the positive feedback received from F1 and the FIA. He indicated that Bridgestone would continue to drive innovation through motorsport, emphasizing the pursuit of sustainable global premium motorsport activities.

Bridgestone’s vision aligns with its corporate commitment, aiming to inspire excitement, spread joy in the world of mobility, and work towards a sustainable future. While Pirelli’s contract extends until 2027, with an option for 2028, the possibility of an exit in 2028 or 2029 could pave the way for Bridgestone’s return to F1.