Andretti’s entrance into F1: FIA President optimistic amid FOM considerations

Micheal Andretti (

Micheal Andretti (

The FIA President predicts a positive outcome for Andretti’s entrance into Formula 1, downplaying any legal dispute with FOM while highlighting potential benefits.

Last week, the FIA approved Andretti Formula’s application to join the Formula 1 grid from 2025 at the earliest. However, securing a commercial deal for their entrance is the final hurdle, and the outcome is uncertain. Formula One Management (FOM) is cautious about expanding the 10-team field, emphasizing that any new entrant must bring added value to the championship.

Despite the differing opinions of the FIA and FOM, FIA President Ben Sulayem doesn’t foresee a legal dispute. He believes the matter will be resolved through constructive dialogue rather than public conflict.

Sulayem emphasizes the potential benefits of Andretti’s entry, such as Liberty Media’s rising share price when the extra entry was approved. He also points to the challenges of refusing an American OEM like General Motors and the Cadillac brand. While FOM must analyze the financial consequences of adding another team, Sulayem argues that the circuit contracts include provisions for accommodating 12 teams.

It’s unlikely that Andretti could enter F1 without a commercial deal in place or bypass logistical obstacles, such as obtaining track passes. The FIA President does not anticipate such a situation and emphasizes the importance of serving big teams with OEMs to sustain motorsport, even as financial considerations come into play.

While FOM’s analysis may not be complete until next year, Ben Sulayem underscores the need for a thorough decision-making process, with respect for FOM’s authority in this matter. The outcome will be determined through discussions between Andretti and FOM.