Ford Announces Massive Global Recall for Explorer Crossover Due to A-Pillar Trim Issue

Ford Explorer crossover (

Nearly 1.9 Million Units in the US Affected; Global Recall Covers 2.24 Million Vehicles

Ford has issued a substantial global recall for its Explorer crossover, encompassing model years 2011-2019 and affecting nearly 1.9 million units in the United States alone. The recall extends to a total of 2.24 million vehicles globally due to a problem related to the A-pillar exterior trim that may detach from the vehicle because of improper assembly.

The safety recall report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that Ford was initially informed of the issue in 2018 when the NHTSA inquired about exterior A-pillar detachments. Ford claimed at that time that the part posed “not an unreasonable risk to safety” due to its low mass and geometry.

The concern resurfaced in 2021 with new submissions related to the A-pillar trim, resulting in 158 complaints. Despite closing the concern twice, Ford reconsidered its position in 2023 after discussions with the NHTSA and an inquiry from Transport Canada. The NHTSA maintained that the trim’s potential detachment while driving posed a safety hazard.

As of January 12, 2024, Ford is aware of 14,337 warranty reports linked to the A-pillar trim issue. The affected units, manufactured from May 17, 2010, to March 3, 2019, make up 5% of the total population. Ford plans to address the problem by installing replacement A-pillar trims and using additional adhesives to prevent detachment, with the repairs offered at no cost to customers.

This recall follows Ford’s recent recall of F-150 units with the Max Trailer Package due to rollaway issues. Despite these challenges, Ford has committed to improving its overall quality, acknowledging that this process will take several years. The company has been the leader in recalls in the US for the past three years, with 54 recalls recorded in 2023.