VW Celebrates 50 Years of Golf with Final Combustion Engine Lineup, Signals Shift to All-Electric Mk9 Golf

ICE VW Golf (carscoops.com)

The Last Hurrah: VW’s Iconic Golf Marks Milestones and Introduces Final ICE Lineup

Volkswagen’s long-revered Golf model reaches a historic moment this spring as it commemorates its 50th anniversary. However, the celebration is bittersweet as VW unveils the last-ever lineup of combustion-powered Golfs. The iconic small family car will undergo a significant transformation with the introduction of the all-new Mk9 Golf, scheduled to be an all-electric model set to debut a few years before the end of the decade.

The Mk8.5 Golf, introduced as a facelifted version of the Mk8 from 2019, addresses some of the Mk8’s drawbacks, particularly in terms of interior ergonomics. VW aims to rectify the issues with the Mk8 and enhance the driving experience for its users.

One notable feature of the new lineup is the substantial range boost for the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), with the driving range increasing by almost 70 percent. Additionally, the GTI variant receives a power boost, showcasing VW’s commitment to performance.

Key Highlights of the Final ICE Golf Lineup:
PHEV Range Boost: The entry-level eHybrid PHEV and the sportier GTE now feature a significantly improved driving range. The battery size has increased from 10.6 kWh to 19.7 kWh, extending the EV driving range from 38 miles to an impressive 62 miles.

Drivetrain Lineup: The range includes mild-hybrid 1.5s with power outputs of 114 hp and 147 hp, PHEV models (eHybrid and GTE), and diesel options (2.0 TDi with 114 hp and 147 hp). The GTI variant gets a power increase from 242 hp to 262 hp.

Visual Tweaks: While the Mk8.5 is a facelift rather than an entirely new car, subtle visual changes include straighter lines in the front lamp units, new body-color bumper surfaces, and updated air intake designs for different trims.

Interior Overhaul: Addressing criticisms of the Mk8’s interior, VW has replaced touch-sensitive buttons with traditional hard keys, introduced new tablet touchscreens, revamped graphics and menu structures, and illuminated temperature sliders. The layout of the center display is reconfigured for better usability.

Tech Upgrades: The Golf now features ChatGPT-powered voice assistant (for European models), smartphone-controlled parking, and optional IQ.Light LED front lamps.

Trims: Various trim levels, from the base Golf to the R-Line, offer a range of features, including keyless access, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, ambient lighting, and more.

European sales for the final ICE Golf lineup are set to begin this spring, with the U.S. release, featuring the GTI, expected next year. The move towards an all-electric Mk9 Golf reflects VW’s commitment to embracing electric mobility in the coming years.