Nissan Ariya Gets Electrifying Artistic Makeover: A Fusion of Technology and Creativity

Nissan's Hand-Painted Ariya Art Car (

Renowned Automotive Artist Pinstripe Chris Transforms Ariya into a Moving Work of Art

In a distinctive move to propel the Nissan Ariya into the limelight, Nissan has collaborated with automotive artist Chris Dunlop, popularly known as Pinstripe Chris, for a unique creative endeavor. Pinstripe Chris hand-painted the Ariya over several days, intricately incorporating circuit board-inspired pinstriping that comes to life as the ambient light changes. The unconventional art project aims to blend technology and creativity, adding a visually captivating dimension to the electric vehicle.

During the day, the hand-painted design might not be immediately apparent, but as daylight fades, the Ariya transforms into an electrifying spectacle. Pinstripe Chris envisioned a neon light sign or Tron-inspired aesthetic with glowing white lines, harmonizing with the vehicle’s contours. The reflective qualities of the paint enhance the dynamic visual effect, creating a mesmerizing display when viewed in the right lighting conditions.

Nissan embraced a hands-off approach, allowing Pinstripe Chris to freely express his creativity without detailed renders or pre-approved designs. Jannelle Grigsby of Nissan emphasized the value of not over-managing the artistic process, highlighting the trust placed in the artist’s talent. The unconventional collaboration showcases the fusion of analog artistry with a technologically progressive electric car, opening possibilities for future creative ventures.

This unique project sparks curiosity about the intersection of art and automotive design, prompting a desire for more manufacturers to explore collaborations with artists for innovative and visually striking vehicle transformations. The Nissan Ariya, already lauded as one of the top electric cars, now stands out not just for its technology but also for its captivating artistic expression on the move.