IndyCar 2024: Drivers Transitioning from Rookies to Team Leaders

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VeeKay, Rosenqvist, and Ericsson Embrace Leadership Roles as Season Approaches

As the 2024 NTT IndyCar Series season looms, a shift in driver dynamics sees a few drivers transitioning from receiving advice to providing leadership within their respective teams. delves into the mindset of three drivers—Rinus VeeKay, Felix Rosenqvist, and Marcus Ericsson—who are taking on extra responsibility and embracing their roles as team leaders in the upcoming season.

Rinus VeeKay (23 years old – 5th IndyCar season)

Team: Ed Carpenter Racing
Experience: VeeKay enters his fifth consecutive season at Ed Carpenter Racing, making him the most senior driver on the team at just 23 years old.
Leadership Role: VeeKay feels confident in providing leadership, having been tasked with a strong voice in driver feedback last season. He aims to guide the team with his experience and driving style.
Quote: “I feel like I’ve always really listened to the team, to what they say. I still do, but I think right now I’ve also got the voice, like I can talk to them and really make them change things if we need to.”

Felix Rosenqvist (32 years old – 6th IndyCar season)

Team: Meyer Shank Racing
Experience: After stints with larger teams, Rosenqvist joins Meyer Shank Racing, known for its lean crew. With six years of IndyCar experience, he becomes the veteran voice in the two-car team.
Leadership Role: Rosenqvist is prepared to be the leading driver and is excited about the role. He brings experience in Formula E, where he could call the shots, and looks forward to working with teammate Tom Blomqvist.
Quote: “I’ve been to a lot of good teams at this point in my career, not only in IndyCar but outside, as well, and I think I have a good eye for what a team needs, both when it comes to resources, personalities, team leadership and stuff like that.”

Marcus Ericsson (33 years old – 6th IndyCar season)

Team: Andretti Global
Experience: Ericsson, at 33, becomes the senior driver at Andretti Global after moving from Chip Ganassi Racing. With five years of IndyCar experience, including an Indianapolis 500 win, he embraces a more senior position.
Leadership Role: Ericsson acknowledges his role as the most experienced driver at Andretti and aims to be a leader both on and off the track. He brings a fresh perspective from Ganassi and is excited about the challenges.
Quote: “It will be fun to have a bit of a more senior position, whatever you want to call it, at Andretti. And that’s one of the challenges that I’m excited about going into the season, to sort of try and be that leader in the Andretti team both on and off the track.”

As these drivers transition into leadership roles, their experience, maturity, and on-track success will play crucial roles in steering their teams toward success in the 2024 IndyCar season.