McLaren CEO Urges Formula 1 Investigation into Red Bull and AlphaTauri Shared Ownership

Red Bull and AlphaTauri (

Zak Brown Calls for Scrutiny, Deems Co-Ownership a “Serious Issue” for F1 Fairness

As the collaboration between Red Bull and its sister team, AlphaTauri, deepens, McLaren CEO Zak Brown has raised concerns over shared ownership in Formula 1, urging the sport’s governing bodies to investigate what he considers a “serious issue” impacting the fairness of the competition.

Shared Resources and Technical Alliance

AlphaTauri, facing challenges in the previous season, embarked on a closer technical alliance with Red Bull, sharing more components, including adopting Red Bull’s rear suspension. Additionally, the team plans to relocate its aero department to Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom, aligning it with Red Bull’s base of operations.

FIA’s Clarification and Brown’s Persistent Concerns

While the FIA issued clarification on having stringent tests to monitor shared ownership arrangements, Zak Brown remains persistent in voicing his concerns. He believes that the matter has escalated to a point demanding immediate scrutiny. Brown expressed worries about the fairness of the sport and its potential impact on fans.

Regulatory Focus on A/B Team Co-Ownership

Speaking at McLaren’s 2024 livery launch, Brown emphasized the need for the industry to focus on regulations surrounding A/B team co-ownership. He drew parallels with major sports, highlighting that such partnerships are generally not allowed due to fairness concerns. Brown urged the Formula 1 community to address the issue promptly, preventing a situation where different teams play by different rules.

Outdated Regulations and Unfair Advantage

Brown pointed out that regulations allowing Red Bull to own two F1 teams have become outdated, especially with the introduction of a cost cap to limit spending. With AlphaTauri’s relocation to the UK, he expressed concerns about the health and fairness of the sport. Brown noted that while the regulations were established during a period of significant budget gaps between teams, the current cost cap levels the playing field. However, he emphasized the potential for someone to gain an unfair advantage under the existing rules.

Looking Ahead: Tackling Challenges for F1’s Integrity

As Red Bull and AlphaTauri’s partnership evolves, Zak Brown’s call for a thorough examination of shared ownership resonates with the broader discussion about maintaining fairness and integrity within Formula 1. The sport’s governing bodies face the task of reassessing regulations to address the changing dynamics and ensure a level playing field among teams.