Genesis X Speedium Coupe Unveiled in Stunning Winter White: A Vision for the Ultimate EV Adventure

Genesis X Speedium (

Genesis Showcases X Speedium Coupe Concept in Snowy Landscape with White Paint, Adding a Touch of Winter Elegance

Genesis has unveiled the stunning X Speedium Coupe concept in a compelling shade of white, showcasing its elegant design against a snowy backdrop. Initially presented in a dark shade of green in early 2022, the new white paint enhances the car’s aesthetic appeal, providing a fresh and sophisticated look.

The official renderings from the Korean manufacturer feature the X Speedium Coupe with added LED driving lights at the front, a roof rack, and a set of skis, emphasizing its readiness for winter adventures. The all-white concept recently starred in a Christmas video released by Genesis, where it was depicted with Santa drifting along a snow-covered road, carrying a Christmas tree on the roof and accompanied by a group of CGI reindeer.

While the winter-themed video adds a touch of whimsy, it also underscores the versatility and potential of the X Speedium Coupe, hinting at its capability to handle various driving conditions. Despite being entirely CGI, the video has generated excitement and anticipation for the concept’s potential transition to a production model.

Genesis has not officially confirmed whether the X Speedium Coupe will enter production. However, Mark Choi, Genesis Head of Product Planning, mentioned last March that the carmaker was exploring the possibility of bringing the X Speedium Coupe, along with the X Coupe and X Convertible concepts, to reality. Positive feedback received for these concepts has fueled speculation about the brand’s next steps and potential offerings in the market.

While the fate of the X Speedium Coupe remains uncertain, Genesis continues to push the boundaries of design and innovation, as evident in its recent unveiling of the X Gran Berlinetta concept. Designed for Gran Turismo, the X Gran Berlinetta boasts a mid-mounted V6 engine and an electric motor, delivering a powerful combination of 1,071 horsepower and 986 lb-ft of torque (1,337 Nm). As Genesis explores the feasibility of production models, enthusiasts await eagerly for the brand’s future announcements.