Mercedes Young Driver Academy Continues to Steer Esteban Ocon’s F1 Career Amidst Alpine Stint

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Gwen Lagrue, Mercedes Young Driver Academy Boss, Highlights Ocon’s Development with Alpine

Gwen Lagrue, head of the Mercedes Young Driver Academy, has revealed that Mercedes remains actively involved in managing Esteban Ocon’s Formula 1 career, despite his current stint with Alpine. Ocon, initially part of the Mercedes development scheme, made his F1 debut with the Mercedes-affiliated Manor team in 2016. After a successful period with Force India, now Aston Martin, he found a seat at Renault (rebranded as Alpine) orchestrated by Mercedes’ Team Principal Toto Wolff. Lagrue acknowledges Ocon’s growth during his partnership with Fernando Alonso at Alpine, stating that Alonso pushed him to new limits.

Lagrue emphasized that Esteban Ocon’s ties with Mercedes continue, even as he is committed to Alpine. While Ocon is currently aligned with Alpine until the end of 2024, Lagrue disclosed that Mercedes remains actively involved in managing Ocon’s career. Lagrue stressed the positive relationship between Mercedes and Alpine, working collaboratively to find the best solutions for both the team and the driver. Ocon, facing challenges in the 2023 season with reliability issues at Alpine, aims to bounce back in the upcoming season alongside new teammate Pierre Gasly.