Fisker Ocean Faces NHTSA Scrutiny Over Braking Issues, Potential Safety Concerns

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American Regulators Open Investigation Into Complaints Regarding 2023 Fisker Ocean’s Braking Performance

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated a preliminary evaluation into potential safety issues related to the 2023 Fisker Ocean electric vehicle. Following complaints from owners about diminished braking performance, particularly when driving over bumpy surfaces, the NHTSA has received nine complaints, including one incident involving a fire. Owners reported concerns about both the loss of regenerative braking and temporary ineffectiveness of the hydraulic braking system. The investigation, covering an estimated 4,000 Fisker Ocean vehicles, will assess the severity of the issue and its impact on driver safety.

Several owners complained that the regenerative braking system failed when driving on uneven surfaces, such as streets under construction. Additionally, some reported incidents where the hydraulic braking system temporarily became ineffective during such events. While the majority of complaints focus on braking issues, one driver in Texas reported an unexpected engagement of the parking brake while driving on a highway. The driver described the vehicle becoming unstable, with locked-up brakes resulting in a spin across lanes. The NHTSA investigation aims to determine the validity of these complaints and assess potential safety risks.

Fisker has not yet responded to inquiries about the reported braking issues. The NHTSA will review available information during the evaluation and, if it determines a safety risk, may request Fisker to initiate a recall campaign to address the reported problems.