Volkswagen Slashes Prices on ID Electric Vehicles in Europe to Boost Sales


VW Shifts Strategy Despite Earlier Resistance to Tesla-Like Price Reductions

In a surprising move, Volkswagen (VW) is reducing prices on its ID range of electric vehicles in selected European countries, including France, Belgium, Italy, Norway, and Sweden. This decision, aimed at boosting sales, contradicts VW’s previous stance of not following Tesla’s approach to significant price cuts. The price adjustments are expected to align with government incentives, making almost all versions of the ID.3, ID.4, and ID.5 eligible for incentives ranging from €5,000 to €7,000 (~$5,400 to ~$7,600) in France.

VW has introduced new trim levels, such as ID and Life Max, resulting in lowered starting prices for entry-level models. For instance, the base ID.3 now starts at $43,812 (39,990 euros), down from $47,067 (42,990 euros). The ID.4 is now available from $48,194 (43,990 euros), and the ID.5 starts at $55,326 (50,500 euros). Notably, the new ID.5 Life Max model starts from $56,384 (51,500 euros), offering more features as standard while being priced about $8,800 (8,000 euros) less than the roughly equivalent 2023 Pro Performance model.

Similar pricing adjustments have been made in Norway, Italy, Belgium, and Sweden. In Germany, where VW is funding EV subsidies that were recently eliminated by the government, the ID.3 is now priced around $43,800 (39,995 euros). Despite initial reluctance, VW sees these price changes as essential for achieving ambitious business goals and stimulating demand in the increasingly competitive electric vehicle market.