QJMotor Reveals SRK1000RC Ten78 Superbike Prototype with MV Agusta Heritage

QJMotor SRK1000RC Ten78 (cycleworld.com)

QJMotor Unveils SRK1000RC Ten78: A Fusion of Italian Heritage and Chinese Innovation

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer QJMotor has made a significant leap in its quest to offer a modern superbike with the unveiling of the SRK1000RC Ten78 at Milan’s EICMA show. The prototype, featuring an MV Agusta-derived 1,078cc engine, showcases a collaborative effort between Italian design and Chinese engineering. The Ten78, created in partnership with C Creative, led by former MV Agusta design director Adrian Morton, promises to be a conversation starter with its unconventional and innovative styling.

Distinctive Design:
The design of the SRK1000RC Ten78 reflects a departure from conventional superbike aesthetics, presenting a futuristic and unique appearance. Crafted by C Creative, the design studio’s unconventional approach, especially in the frontal region with distinctive headlights and a transparent screen, sets the bike apart. While some elements challenge traditional superbike norms, such as mid-level exhausts and distinctive side panels, the overall design signals a departure from the stereotypical styling associated with Chinese motorcycles.

Mechanical Ingenuity:
Underneath the bold design lies MV Agusta’s old-generation 1,078cc inline-four engine, fine-tuned for the Ten78 prototype to deliver 144 hp. The restrained power figure hints at a focus on meeting modern emissions standards rather than pursuing peak performance. The purpose-made frame and single-sided swingarm, although reminiscent of MV Agusta units, are designed specifically for the Ten78. The bike employs Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes in the prototype, with a potential shift to Marzocchi suspension in production.

Global Aspirations:
With a wheelbase of 56.1 inches, 17-inch wheels, and a weight of 437 pounds (including a full tank of fuel), the SRK1000RC Ten78 presents a compelling package. While there is no definitive timeline for production, QJMotor’s decision to debut the prototype in Europe signals global ambitions for the brand. The collaboration with Italian design expertise and the incorporation of MV Agusta heritage positions the Ten78 as a unique offering in the superbike segment, blending Italian flair with Chinese innovation.