Toyota Initiates Second Recall for Corolla Cross Models Over Airbag Issue

Toyota (

12,575 U.S. Units May Require Additional Inspection and Fix

Following a recall last year for 110,000 Corolla Cross models in North America due to front passenger airbag issues, Toyota has announced a second recall affecting 12,575 vehicles in the U.S. An inspection process flaw means that some models previously examined for the fault may require additional attention. Manufactured between September 7, 2021, and May 4, 2023, approximately 1.77% of the initially recalled vehicles are believed to be impacted.

Affected owners of 2022-2023 Toyota Corolla Cross models will receive notifications via first-class mail, directing them to bring their vehicles to a dealer for inspection. If necessary, the dealer will replace the instrument panel at no cost. The recall addresses a potential flaw in the front passenger airbag deployment due to a dashboard panel design issue. Certain instrument panels may lack the required preformation, affecting airbag deployment and increasing the risk of injury to the front passenger.

This recall follows a series of safety actions concerning the Corolla Cross, emphasizing Toyota’s commitment to addressing and rectifying any potential safety concerns associated with its vehicles.