Rimac’s Project 3 Mobility Set to Revolutionize Urban Transportation with Autonomous Robotaxi by 2026

Rimac (carbuzz.com)

Rimac’s Electric Robotaxi, Supported by Kia, Aims to Transform Urban Mobility Under Project 3 Mobility

In a strategic move towards advancing urban mobility, Rimac is set to unveil an autonomous robotaxi under the banner of Project 3 Mobility, with plans for commercial operations commencing in 2026. This initiative, supported by Kia, seeks to make electromobility more accessible and change the way people navigate cities.

Founder and CEO Mate Rimac revealed that the robotaxi project, operated by Project 3 Mobility, will be showcased early this year and is designed to operate entirely without human input. The accompanying infrastructure, currently under development by Rimac, includes chargers, storage hubs, and parking spaces to create a comprehensive mobility solution.

Distinct from Rimac’s hypercar, the Nevera, the robotaxi is described as “a car but a completely different type,” suggesting a design focused on interior space and functionality rather than traditional road car aesthetics. The project aligns with the company’s vision to redefine urban transportation.

Mate Rimac envisions that this innovative project “could change the way people move around cities” by offering a premium yet accessible service. The exact nature of the service’s premium attributes is yet to be detailed, but the emphasis is on providing a transformative experience for users.

Before the autonomous robotaxi becomes a reality, Project 3 Mobility aims to establish a dedicated manufacturing facility in Croatia. Mate Rimac stated that the goal is for vehicle production and component manufacturing to be centralized in Croatia, exporting units to locations where the robotaxi service will be deployed, reaching tens of thousands of units annually.

The project will undergo a pilot program in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, to demonstrate the viability of the technology. Additionally, discussions are underway with several European and Middle Eastern cities to expand the robotaxi service beyond Croatia, with the official launch slated for 2026.