Porsche Takes a Dance Break: Panamera’s Active Suspension Struts Its Moves in TikTok Style

Porsche Panamera (carscoops.com)

In a surprising move, Porsche has joined the TikTok trend with a dance-themed video featuring the all-new Panamera’s active suspension. The Zuffenhausen brand’s Instagram post exhibits the third-gen Panamera’s suspension engaging in various lateral and longitudinal movements, even while the vehicle remains stationary. While the short video appears to be CGI-generated, the technology showcased suggests a novel way to highlight the capabilities of the car’s innovative suspension system.

The Panamera’s dancing suspension is made possible by the individual control of each of the four wheels, capable of absorbing road imperfections and minimizing body roll during cornering. Although the video’s authenticity remains uncertain, the underlying technology is present in the 2024 Porsche Panamera. The standard configuration includes a two-chamber two-valve air suspension. Still, the video likely promotes the optional ‘Porsche Active Ride’ suspension, available in Panamera E-Hybrid trims.


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This advanced suspension system combines a one-chamber air suspension with active shock absorbers and an electrically operated hydraulic pump. Porsche claims it offers a broader spectrum between comfort and driving dynamics. During the Panamera’s launch, Porsche highlighted its ‘comfort access’ function, allowing an increase in ground clearance by up to 5.5 cm (2.2 inches), akin to an SUV, facilitating easier ingress and egress.

While the video’s primary purpose appears to be entertainment, it raises speculation about the potential inclusion of a “dancing mode” in the executive model. Such a feature, if introduced, would serve as a playful showcase of the Panamera’s advanced electronics without a practical driving purpose. As automakers explore unconventional ways to engage with audiences, Porsche’s foray into the dancing trend adds a touch of innovation to the realm of car promotions.