Tesla’s Holiday Update Unveils Spectacular Cybertruck Light Show

Tesla Cyberturck (carbuzz.com)

New ‘Arrival’ Feature Lights Up the Season with Synchronized Performance

Tesla enthusiasts were treated to a festive surprise this holiday season as the electric automaker rolled out its latest update, featuring a dazzling light show named “The Arrival.” The showcase was recently highlighted in a video featuring five Cybertrucks, demonstrating a synchronized performance set to music.

In the captivating display, the Cybertrucks’ various lights are choreographed to work together, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. One standout moment involves all five trucks collaborating to ‘send’ a beam of light from one end to the other using their distinctive light bars.

While Tesla’s holiday updates are known for their innovative features, “The Arrival” light show has sparked both interest and amusement, aligning with the company’s signature style of combining technology with entertainment. However, some may find it somewhat eccentric or, in typical Tesla fashion, “interesting but kind of pointless.”

For those eager to embark on their own creative light show endeavors, Tesla has provided information on GitHub, albeit with a disclaimer that it may not be suitable for the faint of heart. According to the instructions, shows can be run on any supported Tesla vehicle, with the performance loaded via a USB flash drive. The sequence data is stored in a .fseq file, while the music is sourced from an .mp3 or .wav file.

Delving into the world of custom light shows may seem daunting, requiring time and effort, but for enthusiasts looking to experiment, there are multiple light show repositories available online. This provides a potential shortcut for those seeking pre-existing creations to enjoy without delving into the intricacies of the process.

To explore the possibilities and create a custom light show, enthusiasts are encouraged to download and install the xLights application, following the detailed instructions provided on GitHub. Whether Tesla owners choose to embrace the holiday cheer with “The Arrival” or venture into creating their own light shows, the latest update continues to showcase Tesla’s commitment to blending technology, creativity, and festive spirit.