Ferrari Chief Emphasizes the Crucial Role of American Drivers in Formula 1’s US Expansion

Frederic Vasseur (

Formula 1’s growth in the United States is, according to Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur, contingent on the emergence of successful American drivers rather than the addition of new teams, like Andretti. Since Liberty Media’s acquisition of F1 in 2016, the sport’s popularity in the US has soared, leading to the inclusion of races in Miami and Las Vegas alongside the Austin event.

The prospect of a second American team, Andretti, joining the competition is currently under consideration. While the FIA has accepted Andretti’s application, negotiations with Formula One Management remain before it secures approval as the latest addition to the series. However, existing teams have expressed concerns about potential dilution of the prize pot, challenging Andretti’s bid for entry from the 2025 season.

Vasseur argues that the focus should be on nurturing thriving American drivers to enhance F1’s presence in the US. He points to the attention F1 receives in the Netherlands due to Max Verstappen’s presence and suggests that American success in the sport hinges more on the nationality of drivers than the addition of American teams. Ferrari’s perspective, echoed by other voices in F1, emphasizes the significance of fostering talented American drivers for sustained growth in the US market.

While discussions around welcoming an 11th team have surfaced, Vasseur acknowledges the altered landscape since the previous Concorde Agreement. He believes that the dynamic nature of F1’s current situation, marked by six engine suppliers and differing opinions on their abundance, demands a nuanced approach. Vasseur underscores that the crux lies not in the number of teams but in the nationality of the drivers, reinforcing the idea that American success in F1 is intricately tied to the performance and presence of homegrown talents on the track.