Mysterious Audi R8 prototype spotted: Is it the roadgoing R8 LMS GT3?

Audi R8 GT3 (

Audi R8 GT3 (

A Limited production run of 100 units planned, but Audi’s involvement is uncertain.

Spy shots of a secretive Audi R8 prototype have ignited excitement and speculation in the automotive world. This hardcore prototype seems to be a roadgoing version of the Audi R8 LMS GT3, but the story behind it remains shrouded in mystery.

Audi’s R8 GT had been presented as the final hurrah for the model, with Audi representatives confirming that production constraints would prevent the creation of an R8 GT Spyder. Furthermore, the official farewell to the R8 took place with a final lap at Laguna Seca just a couple of months ago. These factors suggest that Audi might not be directly involved with this new prototype.

According to reports, this prototype was crafted by Scherer Sport, a motorsport company with a longstanding association with Audi Sport, specializing in selling race-ready machines for the track. Scherer Sport’s relationship with Audi could be similar to the close collaboration between Porsche and Manthey Racing. While the true nature of this project remains unknown, it’s possible that Scherer Sport is working in collaboration with Audi indirectly, or perhaps they are creating something unique, akin to the P1 Spider developed by Lanzante.

What’s certain is that the prototype is road-legal, as evidenced by license plates, and there are reportedly plans for a limited production run of 100 units.

If this prototype indeed represents a roadgoing GT3, it could be positioned as a competitor to purpose-built vehicles like the Ford Mustang GTD.

The spy shots reveal numerous modifications. The front showcases an entirely new bumper with aggressive canards and a substantial splitter. The hood features heat extraction vents reminiscent of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. A snorkel feeds air to the 5.2-liter V10 engine behind the occupants, while a prominent top-hung rear wing adds downforce. Additional features include centerlock wheels, custom doors and fenders, new rocker panels, a roll cage, and an updated engine cover—all suggesting the potential for impressive power figures.

Audi responded to inquiries by stating, “There are no additional models coming to the US. It may be possible that this is a limited edition for other markets.”

For the time being, automotive enthusiasts must await official news or credible leaks, with expectations that the full story may unfold in 2024.