“Renault unveils bold concept: Meet Niagara, the adventurous compact pickup”

NIagara Concept (carscoops.com)

NIagara Concept (carscoops.com)

“Renault’s concept sets the stage for future international line-up with E-Tech Hybrid Power”.

Renault has made waves with its latest unveiling in Brazil – the Renault Niagara concept. This compact pickup, featuring an adventurous design and E-Tech hybrid 4×4 powertrain, serves as a preview for several upcoming production models set to debut in international markets outside Europe by 2027.

Gilles Vidal, Vice President of Design at Renault, reveals that the Niagara concept introduces the styling language for Renault’s future international lineup. The front end showcases a futuristic design with split LED headlights set within a wide grille, replacing the traditional rhombus emblem with illuminated Renault lettering in the center. The badge, however, returns at the rear, adorning the full-width LED taillights.

The pickup’s profile adopts SUV-like proportions, characterized by a high beltline, a spacious cabin, a sporty roofline with an integrated spoiler, and a compact rear bed. Off-road elements, including large wheels and substantial ground clearance, further enhance its rugged appearance. Wide fenders, side sills, and bumpers with distinct material accents add to the robust aesthetics. To complete the look, a roof rack holds a full-size spare wheel at the rear bed, giving it a Rally Dakar-ready vibe.

The Niagara concept rests upon Renault’s new modular platform, known for its flexibility regarding lengths, body styles, and powertrain options. With a length of 4.90 meters (192.9 inches) and a 2.95-meter (116.1 inches) wheelbase, it squarely positions itself in the compact pickup segment.

Under the hood, a self-charging hybrid powertrain combines a 48V petrol engine at the front with an additional electric motor on the rear axle. Renault has not disclosed the combined power output but promises off-road capabilities akin to a 4WD system while reducing CO2 emissions by enabling fully electric driving for a significant portion of daily use.

Renault’s announcement confirms that the Niagara concept will influence the design of eight brand-new production models destined for international markets by 2027. However, the company has not clarified whether the concept will evolve directly into production or serve as inspirational guidance. Regardless, a production version of the Niagara could stand as a worthy competitor to compact pickups like the Ram Rampage and Ford Maverick, positioning itself above the smaller Dacia-based Renault Oroch.