“Rare Boschert B300 ‘Gullwing’ Mercedes Coupe to hit auction block”

1989 Boschert B300 (carbuzz.com)

1989 Boschert B300 (carbuzz.com)

“The unique 1989 Boschert B300, a coming together of of art and automotive engineering, set to fetch $265,000 – $320,000 at RM Sotheby’s Munich Auction”

A one-of-a-kind 1989 Boschert B300, born from a Mercedes-Benz 300 CE and transformed into an exotic gem, will soon grace the auction stage at an upcoming RM Sotheby’s event in Munich. This extraordinary vehicle stands as the only Boschert B300 equipped with captivating gullwing doors, bridging the gap between its origins as an E-Class Coupe (more precisely, the C124-gen 300 CE) and a Mercedes SL.

When it enters the auction spotlight on November 25, enthusiasts and collectors can expect the Boschert B300 ‘Gullwing’ to command an estimated price range of $265,000 to $320,000. To many, this might seem like a substantial sum, but it’s well-justified for a vehicle as remarkable as the Boschert B300 ‘Gullwing.’

Before the era of cars like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, car enthusiasts and tuners sought to capture the spirit of the iconic Gullwing design. In the early 1980s, the renowned German tuning specialist Styling-Garage unveiled its C126-based 500SGS Gullwing. Later, in a quest to keep the Gullwing magic alive, the talented Hartmut Boschert introduced the C124-based B300.

Boschert’s ingenious take on the gullwing phenomenon involved taking a Mercedes-Benz 300 CE and giving it a profound transformation. The front end was adopted from the R129-generation SL, and substantial structural modifications followed. The C-pillar was brought forward by 10 inches, with reinforced sills accommodating the 5.5-foot-wide gullwing doors, offering access to both front and rear seats. Front seats were borrowed from the R129 SL, and under the hood, a pair of turbochargers enhanced the 3.0-liter inline-six engine, increasing its power output from the factory 217 hp to an impressive 283 horsepower.

This extraordinary B300 made its debut at the 1989 Frankfurt International Motor Show, captivating spectators and stirring desires with its lofty price tag of DEM 186,000, which was roughly equivalent to $95,000 at the time. While Boschert initially aimed for a production run of 300 units, only a handful were brought to life, with this particular one being the sole model to flaunt those enchanting gullwing doors.

Originally a coupe dressed in Astral Silver with a black interior, the car underwent a stylish transformation in 1990, emerging in a striking Bornite paint finish paired with a two-tone purple leather interior. The current owner, who acquired this automotive treasure in 2005, has cherished it meticulously. To sweeten the offering, this B300 comes with an array of accessories, from a wooden steering wheel to an in-car phone, along with period sales materials and even VHS videotapes.

Fast forward to 2023, and the B300 received some tender loving care, with approximately $17,000 invested in repairs at CarSystems, followed by an additional $5,000 spent on paintwork, upholstery, and interior enhancements at Auto Leder Toczek. It’s more than just an automobile; it’s a rolling work of art deserving of the substantial sum it’s expected to command next month.