UAW reaches tentative agreement with Ford after strike

Ford UAW Agreement (

Ford UAW Agreement (

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has reached a tentative agreement with Ford, ending a strike that lasted roughly a month and a half.

Ford CEO Jim Farley confirmed the news, noting that the agreement is subject to ratification. The union announced that the agreement includes a 25% base wage increase through April 2028, raising the top wage by over 30% to more than $40 an hour. The starting wage will climb 68% to more than $28 an hour.

UAW President Shawn Fain expressed satisfaction with the agreement, stating that it sets a new path for the working class in the auto industry. The deal also includes cost-of-living allowances, a three-year wage progression system, and the removal of divisive wage tiers. Additionally, Ford employees will receive retirement benefits, regardless of whether they have pensions or a 401(k) plan. The agreement also grants the UAW the historic right to strike over plant closures.

The UAW National-Ford Council will vote on whether to send the agreement to the membership for ratification on October 29. If approved by the council, union members will cast their votes to finalize the agreement.

This development signifies a significant step towards resolving labor disputes in the auto industry and resuming production at Ford’s facilities.