HyperloopTT plans to revolutionize shipping with Hyperloop Express Freight

HYperloopTT (carscoops.com)

HYperloopTT (carscoops.com)

HyperloopTT partners with design firm Tangerine to develop freight transport capsule.

HyperloopTT, one of the leading companies working on hyperloop technology, has unveiled its ambitious plan to revolutionize the shipping industry by introducing the HyperloopTT Express Freight system. In addition to consumer transportation solutions, the company has partnered with design firm Tangerine to create a hyperloop capsule dedicated to carrying freight.

The HyperloopTT Express Freight system is poised to disrupt the traditional shipping industry by offering a cost-effective and high-speed alternative to air and trucking options. The key innovation behind this system lies in its specialized capsules, equipped with staggered double doors on both sides. These doors facilitate simultaneous loading and unloading of cargo, streamlining the logistics process.

Andrés de León, CEO of HyperloopTT, explained, “Hyperloop Express Freight will fundamentally transform how goods are transported globally. By incorporating key innovations like fast automated loading systems, maximized freight capacity, and flexible configurations, we have developed a hyperloop design optimized for transporting freight at unprecedented speeds at cheaper rates than currently offered by air and road. This new standard for shipping will enable greater efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility in supply chains worldwide, and we are proud to be leading the way in this transportation revolution.”

HyperloopTT envisions significant growth in the freight industry, expecting it to increase from $260 billion in 2020 to over $484 billion in 2030. They emphasize the system’s adaptability, allowing it to be customized to meet the specific needs of individual customers. Last year, the company received an investment from engineering consulting firm Thornton Tomasetti and was awarded €800 million ($853 million) in May this year as part of a European Union tender to construct the first commercial hyperloop system in Italy. HyperloopTT has also pioneered the development of the world’s first full-scale hyperloop test facility and established the first insurance framework and safety certification guidelines for commercial hyperloop systems.

Matt Round, Chief Creative Officer of Tangerine, shared his perspective on the project: “What we have designed is a solution for express freight. Our research made it clear that every creative thought we had, and every design decision we made should contribute to reducing the time it takes to move freight from dispatch to delivery. Our solution is a melange of creative leaps and strict mathematical calculations.” The collaboration between HyperloopTT and Tangerine aims to enhance the efficiency and speed of the global shipping industry, offering a promising alternative to traditional transportation methods.